Cook & Create

Cook & Create


Our mission is to help you as a food professional serve tasty dishes and provide a solution for today's chef's challenges. We do this with our range of dry semi-finished products that you can prepare quickly and easily. A basic mix that you as a chef can give your own twist to.The terms of our products are based on Easy Tasty Veggie.

By offering a tasty assortment that is easy and quick to prepare, we want to help you create delicious dishes on the table. We believe that with this basis, you can make the most beautiful creations with your own twist. Surprise all your guests; this range is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Cook & Create | Easy, Tasty, Veggie


  • Easy and quick to prepare. We help you with the basics, so you have more time to focus on the creativity of your dishes.
  • They are dry products with a good yield. So you can easily and quickly respond to unexpected guest demand at an interesting foodcost.


  • The Cook & Create products are developed in such a way that they are tasty as a basis.
  • As a chef you can add your own signature and make your own creation.
Cook & Create bulgur bowl met spinazieballetjes | vegetarische bulgur gerecht


  • The products are accessible to the rising target group that demands dishes without meat.
  • It is possible to make several variations with 1 product so that you can offer your guests a wide range of options.

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